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MT2 communication - About us

About us

-Innovating technologically to improve the satisfaction of those who work on the broadband networks,
-imagining the service they will expect tomorrow,
-confronting the product being developed with reality in the field,
these are the three guidelines of MT2, to reach our objective: to better meet the current and future expectations of our customers.

MT2 is well known, worldwide, for its devices which qualify, analyze and test telephone terminals.

Since 1999, MT2 designs, develops and manufactures non intrusive signal analyzers : The ASMS100 and the NIVA series.
In 2009, MT2 has launched the NIVA-GPON analyzer in the FTTH domain, and in 2010 the eOLT-GPON emulator, which have become the tool set of reference for GPON testing, and have been chosen by the official BBF.247 certification laboratory.
We are currently working on the next generation of analysis tools, XG-PON analyzer and emulator: check our website for the coming news!

NIVA analyzers are recognized as probably the best in their fields. They feature a unique Client-Server architecture, inborn real-time with continuous decoding, ergonomic graphical user interfaces and outstanding performances.

Founded in 1992, MT2 is located in France, in the Rhone valley.