2012-05-15 - The GPON tool set of reference is keeping the pace!

MT2 launches new versions of its GPON tools and BBF.247 Conformance Testbed.

«The GPON tool set of reference is keeping the pace!»

Tournon, France, May 2, 2012

MT2, a prominent provider of broadband testing and monitoring solutions (, is launching new versions of its GPON analyzer – NIVA-GPON – and OLT emulator – eOLT-GPON. These tools with their associated OISG (FSAN) approved test sequences are used by LAN, the official ONU certification laboratory for the BBF.247 program, and now by several important companies involved in the GPON domain.

The NIVA-GPON analyzer now features continuous real-time analysis support for GPON's full data-rate (2.5Gbits/s downstream, 1.2Gbits/s upstream), and ethernet payload replication up to 1Gbits/s.

Key new features for the eOLT-GPON include:
Improved automation functionalities.
Remote GUI control through CLI.
BBF.247 issue 2 sequences, based upon its current version, are implemented and available – they will be updated as the BBF.247 evolves.

Both analizer and emulator also feature a new Optical power indicator for both continuous (downstream) and burst (upstream) modes, and an improved GUI.

The BBF.247 MT2 tools (Analyzer + OLT emulator) generate and analyze PLOAM, OMCI, GEM and Ethernet messages in accordance with BBF.247 tests. The verdict is provided automatically according to the test-cases criteria. MT2 tools also present a feature, both complete and user-friendly, to create new tests at the physical (GTC level), PLOAM, OMCI or Ethernet layers.
Complete automation, for any set of test-cases (BBF.247 or user made) is natively included, thus saving time in performing and verifying ONU conformance tests.
MT2 is an active BroadBand Forum (BBF) member and is deeply involved in the BBF.247 program. The new versions are immediately available and will be included in upgrades for the tools already in service (chipset and ONU manufacturers, Telcos, ITLs, ...).