Non Intrusive Analyzers // ASMS100

High impedance, monitoring and analysis system for POTS signals.
Self powered through its USB plug, It is used as a probe, connected to the telephone line.

ASMS100 offer galvanic insulation, so you can work safely and without any effect on the signal (high impedance). You can bring it with you in the field. It is easy to use and all the results of your work can be stored inside your PC as and when required. ASMS100 will be your fellow traveller each time you need to analyze telephony signals and when it is important to have a complete view, from the physical layer up to protocol layers.


Bandwidth :
DC to 20 KHz
Modes :
Raw signal recording (around 1 mn) or continuous event recording (no limitation)
Event detection :
Dialing tone
DTMF dialing
CallerID types I and II(On V23/Bell202 decoding option only)
SMS - ETSI ES201912 (On V23/Bell202 decoding option only)
Analysis :
Spectrum analysis of any signal portion.
Time and level measurement
DTMF analysis
CallerID decoding
Functions :
Signal recorder - Event recorder - Event trigger
Signal analysis (time, level, spectrum, DTMF, CallerID, SMS)