PSTN simulators - 2 lines // CLASS500 (SMS)

high performance network simulator & unlimited Caller ID signal generator - 2 lines
The CLASS500 is using the same hardware as CLASS300. As a PSTN simulator, it has all the characteristics of CLASS300. Thanks to its powerful signal analysis (FFT based) and generation, it adds a complete V23 (or Bell202) modem emulation. Thus, combined with the other
characteristics (ringing generator for example) it can generate any of CallerID frames used around the world. Furthermore, CLASS-SOFT simulate a complete SMS server as described in
the ES 201 912 standard (both protocols).


PSTN simulator :
See CLASS300 Characteristics.
CallerID :
Type I (on-hook) & Type II (off-hook) Caller ID frame generation (FSK or
DTMF). Script memories: 10 of each type. No limit with CLASS-SOFT.
FSK Mark and Cesure bits : frequencies and levels as for tones (see
FSK rate : 120 to 4800 bits/s. Nb of start/stop bits : 0 to x (65535 max).
Ringing generator - Polarity reversal : see specifications of CLASS300.
DTMF generator : Q23, level of each frequency adjustable from -60 to
White noise generator (pseudo random) : OFF or from -60 to +10dBm.
SMS Option :
A special internal number (configurable) is dedicated to the srver (SC) and
enable the sender terminal to deposit the Short Message (SM). The SC then
call the receiver terminal and transmit the SM using one of the two protocols
described in the ES 201 912 standard. SC is part of CLASS-SOFT delivered
with the equipment.