GPON equipment // eOLT-GPON

The first and only OLT emulator - specially designed to meet BBF.247 specification program
The MT2 eOLT-GPON is based on the same hardware than the worldwide appreciated NIVA-GPON. It has been originaly designed for the BBF.247 ONU certification program. It is used in conjonction with the NIVA-GPON and a traffic generator by the official testing laboratories (see the BBF website and the BBF.247 certification program).


The reference and neutral OLT emulator :
The MT2 OLT emulator (eOLT-GPON) is independent of any chipset or commercial OMCI stack thus offering a total neutrality.

The testbed generates and analyzes PLOAM, OMCI, GEM and Ethernet messages in accordance with the different BBF.247 tests. The verdict is automatically given according to the test-cases criteria. The MT2 tool offers a complete easy-to-use functionality to create new tests as well at physical layer (GTC level) or PLOAM, OMCI, Ethernet layers.

Complete automation of a set of test-cases (BBF.247 or user made) is natively included thus saving time in performing and verifying ONU conformance tests