Non Intrusive Analyzers // NIVA-ADSL

High impedance, Real-Time, First class ADSL/2/2+ decoding.
NIVA-ADSL is a high performance analyzer for a non-intrusive analysis of ADSL / ADSL2 / ADSL2+ signals. Its high impedance probe allows the tapping on the line without any disconnection. NIVA-ADSL is in the straight line of non-intrusive MT2 analyzers AS/ASMS100 with its easy to use GUI developed in partnership with users. Its Client-Server architecture and its small size open a wide spectrum of uses. From the physical layer up to the IP layers NIVA-ADSL provides a first class analysis.

You will choose it for interoperability tests, deep analysis of the handshake phase or specific command signals between DSLAM and modem or QoS analysis thanks to the ultra precise time-stamping synchronized with NTP server or any data exchanged by the modem-DSLAM couple


Standards :
G 994.1 (G.hs) - T1 413
G 992.1/2/3/4/5 Annexes A/L or B/M
ATM/AAL5 - PPPoE/LLC/Ethernet - PPPoA - IPoA
PCAP format
Modes :
Handshake analysis
Native Real Time Analysis and delivery of data
Raw signal recording capability for offline analysis
Filters :
Automatic and pre-established VP/VC filters
High performance additional filtering scripts
Easy to use and User friendly
Real Time spectrogram
Main characteristics of the link synthesis
BER, Loss of Frames and Data Flow graphs