XG-PON equipment // PON Platform

High Performance PON processing platform
First and only multi-purpose, X-GPON capable, processing platform on the

The MT2 PON Platform is a high performance, FPGA-based, multi-usage
processing unit packed in a reduced and robust form factor.
With the proper licenses (see corresponding datasheets), it may be
configured as either an analyzer or an OLT emulator, for both GPON and
X-GPON1 protocols.
The PON platform is controlled through a network connection
(Ethernet/Wifi, LAN/WAN access), from a client GUI on a regular
PC/laptop. The whole testing set fits in a laptop case, and has been
designed for both lab or field usage!

*Dimensions: 18x18x3cm
*Weight: <1kg
*4 x 10 Gb/s ports
*Ethernet/Wifi managing interface
*Aluminium Casing
*Software licenses available for X-GPON Analyzer, X-GPON Emulator, GPON
Analyzer, X-GPON Analyzer