XG-PON equipment // NIVA-XGPON

For MT2 PON Platform
This licence allows to use the PON platform as a continous real-time Non Intrusive Viewer Analyzer for XG-PON1 signals.
It is the first and only XG-PON1 Analyzer on the market!

With the NIVA-XGPON Analyzer license, you can use your PON Platform (see datasheet) as an analyzer for X-GPON1 signals.
The PON Platform-XG-PON NIVA Analyzer provides a non-intrusive analysis and monitoring tool, optimized
for continuous real-time analysis and display. This important feature provides a unique ease of use for day to day lab testing.
The GUI, which builds on the strength of our NIVA series, offers all the ease for an immediate or deferred analysis as well as the creation of reports. Its use is simple and intuitive, with a comprehensive data display.
The deep and detailed OMCI, PLOAM and GTC level analysis makes the MT2 NIVA XG-PON a complete tool for protocol fine-tuning, performance analysis, standard compliance and interoperability tests.
Its Client-Server architecture provides the highest flexibility for remote control and third party tools integration.

Standards :
G.897.1 - General requirement
G 987.2 - GPON PMD
G 987.3 - GPON GTC
G.988 - OMCI
PCAP format
Modes :
PON tree details
Native Real Time Analysis and delivery of data
Raw signal recording capability for offline analysis
Filters :
Automatic and pre-established GEM (Port ID-ONU ID) filters.
High performance additional upper layers filtering functions.
Easy to use and User friendly
Real Time or Offline analysis
Main characteristics of the link synthesis
and Data Flow graphs