XG-PON equipment // eOLT-XGPON

For MT2 PON Platform
This licence allows to use the PON platform as a X-GPON1 OLT emulator
It is the first and only X-GPON1 OLT emulator on the market!

With the eOLT XG-PON emulator license, you can use your PON Platform (see datasheet) as a X-GPON1 OLT emulator.
It is the heir of MT2's original eOLT GPON emulator, which is used by LAN for the official BBF.247 certification for its neutrality (it is independant of any chipset), its flexibility (through scripting, it is easy to create, modify and automate tests) and its comprehensiveness (one may configure the XGPON bitstream from GTC up to OMCI).
The official BBF.247 test scripts may be provided with the emulator license, as a separate licence.
It may be used in conjunction with a third-party traffic generator (Xena and Spirent support included)
Standards :
G.987.1 - General requirement
G 987.2 - GPON PMD
G 987.3 - GPON XGTC
G.988 - OMCI