Terminal simulators // CLASS600

For the first time a SMS network simulator and SMS terminal simulator, all in one.
The CLASS600 is the only equipment able to provide a line simulator and a terminal simulator in one box. Both are specifically designed to facilitate SMS testing.

CLASS600 has been designed in partnership with France Telecom R&D. It is used for the SM-SC validation as well as for the SMS terminals tests and validation.

CLASS600 is the first choice for Telcos and Manufacturers of SMSC & SMS terminals.


PSTN simulator :
See CLASS500SMS Characteristics. The line simulator of the CLASS600 is identical to the one of CLASS500SMS. Because only one line is simulated, the features of the link L1<->2 (gain, direct connection, satellite delay ..) do not exist on CLASS600.

CallerID and SMS : See CLASS500SMS.
Terminal simulator :
Compared to a CLASS500SMS, the CLASS600 features a SMS terminal simulator instead of the line2. Used in combination with CLASS-SOFT (delivered with the equipment), the terminal can receive and send SMS. All the parameters of the V23 modem (levels, frequencies, speed, .. etc) can be adjusted to verify the behavior of the SM-SC against non-standard frames.