Non Intrusive Analyzers // NIVA-GPON

Real-Time, High performance FTTH/GPON analyzer.
Available in two references : NIVA-GPON-STARTER and NIVA-GPON-PREMIUM (see data-sheet).

NIVA-GPON is a high performance analyzer for a non-intrusive analysis of FTTH/GPON signals, free of any GPON chipset. Its separate passive probe allows the tapping on the fiber as well on OLT side than ONT/ONU side. It is fitted with a new high performance and automatic burst data recovery (patent pending). NIVA-GPON is in the straight line of non-intrusive MT2 analyzers AS/ASMS100 and NIVA-ADSL with its easy to use GUI developed in partnership with users. Its Client-Server architecture and its small size open a wide spectrum of uses. From the physical layer up to the IP layers, NIVA-GPON provides a first class analysis.

You will choose it for interoperability tests, conformance to GPON standards, deep analysis of the ONU activation phases or PLOAM messages, OMCI commands or T-CONT data contents as well as PON tree discovery and details.

NIVA-GPON delivers the information in RealTime but can also works as offline analyzer.


Standards :
G 984.3 - GPON MAC
G 984.4 - GPON OMCI
ATM/AAL5 - PPPoE/LLC/Ethernet -
PCAP format
Modes :
PON tree details
Native Real Time Analysis and delivery of data
Raw signal recording capability for offline analysis
Filters :
Automatic and pre-established GEM (Port ID-ONU ID) filters.
High performance additional upper layers filtering functions.
Easy to use and User friendly
Real Time or Offline analysis
Main characteristics of the link synthesis
and Data Flow graphs