Others analyzing equipment // GS100R

Ultimate Ringing Generator from MT2
Can be used to generate almost all telephone call signals worldwide. It becomes quickly indispensable for the characterization of all call detectors. It can work standalone or remote controlled with a computer.


Output :
Synthetized Sinusoid
Frequency :
From 10 Hz to 120 Hz.
Level :
From 10 Veff to 150 Veff.
Timing :
Sequencing with 4 elementary individuallly adjustable times
from 0 to 65 000 ms.
burst mode: N = 1 ŕ 99.
Miscellaneous :
Signal polarized or not.
Injection transformer with 2 windings, impedance 2 x 100 Ohms .
Ajustable start phase of the signal in polarized mode.
Loop current detector incorporated.
Rack 19“ housing.