Others analyzing equipment // PA100R

MT2 Legendary Feeding Bridge.
It is used to set up and test direct current measurement assemblies, for transmission, dialing and response signals as well as all sorts of measurements characterizing an analog telephone or switching equipment (charge metering pulse reception, polarity reversal etc).The PA100 is ideal to study the behavior of a terminal according to its power supply conditions by the line. It can work standalone or remote controlled with a computer. The PA100 is the heart of the MT2 ES 203021 Pack.


Bridge :
Voltage or current mode (0 to 120V and 0 to 120mA).
Line resistor ajustable from 0 to 20 000 Ohms.
Induction coils 7H or external.
Modulation capacitors : 9,4 uF/400 V or external.
Measurements :
Line current measurement from 0 to 120 mA.
Precise line current detection adjustable from 0,1 to 100 mA.
Integrated floating voltmeter with 2 automatic ranges 0 to 40 V and 0 to
200 V.
Miscellaneous :
Polarity reversal switch with adjustable loop break from 0 to 65 000 ms.
Line pick-up detection and numerous possibilities with auxiliary switches.
Rack 19“ housing.