Others analyzing equipment // ST100

Telephony Signal Generator.
It can simultaneously and very precisely synthesize 3 frequencies plus the signals specific to integrated telephony on a floating output. The level and duration of each signal are adjustable. It features an isolated modulation input for an external signal. The ST100 is the ideal complement for the PA100R feeding bridge. It can work standalone or remote controlled with a computer.


Frequency :
Sinusoid from 10 Hz to 20 kHz.
3 frequencies can be generated simultaneously.
Specific signals :
V23 UART (Caller ID character string definable)
taxation 12 or 16 kHz
overvoice UART
white noise.
Output range :
from -60 dBm to + 15 dBm (0,775 mV to 4,35V / 600 Ohms).
Output impedance :
600, 200 or 50 Ohms.
Miscellaneous :
Rack 19“ housing.