Others analyzing equipment // ES203021 Pack

Up to date complete "TBR21" platform.
The ES203021 Pack is a hardware+software set offering the possibility of testing a telephony terminal in accordance with the different paragraphs of the ETSI ES203021 standard. A free mode extend the capabilities transforming it in a powerful measurement platform for telephony. Although very affordable, the ES203021 Pack offers first class measurement.

The MT2 range of test and measuring equipment, and especially the PA100 feeding bridge in the heart of the device, allows tests of the ES203021 (ex TBR21) standard. In order to facilitate the engineer working, MT2 offers a "turnkey" solution. It save wiring and permit measurement report edition. This aspect is important for manufacturers who have to auto-certify their products for European regulation.

The ES203021 Pack contains a feeding bridge PA100, a ringing generator GS100, a special accessory to realise the different measuring circuits, a PC with an acquisition board and a software developped with LabWindows CVI.