PSTN simulators - 2 lines // CLASS100 (SMS)

Low cost network simulator + Caller ID - modem oriented - 2 lines
The CLASS100 is based on the caracteristics that made the CLASS family so popular :
exceptional performance and ease of use. Thanks to DSP technics, analysis and generation of
signals are precise and stable. In order to achieve low cost, CLASS100 is fitted with a fixed
battery voltage and 4 line resistances. Line current has a fixed limit of 60mA. These feeding
condition satisfy most of the needs of terminals. A unique high performance analog link between
the two simulated lines allows the test of modems.


PSTN simulator :
Fixed 50V battery voltage.
Line current limited to 60mA.
Impedance : 600Ω or Z TBR21
Tones/ringing/polarity/charging signal : See CLASS410
Link L1<->L2 :
from -52dB to +10dB in steps of 1dB. Gains L1->L2 and L2->L1 are independant. The link is fully analog, enabling high quality connection (ideal for modem testing).
Modulation I/O :
on Line1 - Isolated. Perfect for signal analysis and/or noise injection.
CallerID :
See CLASS500 CallerID characteristics.
SMS Option :
See CLASS500 SMS Option characteristics.